Albert Einstein said that “Creativity is imagination having fun”. Creativity is not a quality you inherit but a skill that you can develop. Boosting creativity among your employees helps improve their performance which is the key to any successful business. And what all you need for that is a creative office space. Follow these 7 steps and you are good to go.

  1. Blue is the best hue:
    The color of the walls of your office space can have a huge impact on the employee’s mood. Studies have shown that the color blue helps lighten the mood and boost creativity. Therefore light or sky blue colored walls are perfect for housing brainstormers.

  2. Work-oriented office spaces:
    Providing work areas as per the work requirements can help boost creativity. For example, there can be a no-talking area which employees can use to concentrate and focus on their work. On the other hand, there can be open areas where employees can chat, have meetings and work on group projects.

  3. Toys on the desk:
    Providing employees with soft toys or action hero figures to keep on their desks can be a good way to boost creativity. Many creative design companies encourage their employees to keep toys on their desks. Conducting activities to encourage employees to build something on their own can also be very helpful.

  4. Natural Light is the best:
    Working under fluorescent light bulbs can have very negative impact on employees. Working a long time under fluorescent lights can cause eyestrain and headaches. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your office spaces lit with natural light as much as you can. Working under natural light is the best way to avoid fatigue and tiredness and it also helps to boost creativity.

  5. Comic book stands:
    Having a book stand with funny and colorful comics for the employees to read can actually help boost creativity a lot! It can help employees relax and cheer up after when they get bored after continuously staring at their excel sheets.

  6.  Artwork on the walls:
    Hanging creative art pieces or posters all around office walls can actually help to create a lively environment and can help boost creativity. Artworks are a great source to derive inspiration.
  7.  Hangout spaces:
    Creating small hang out spaces with comfortable cushions and sofas where employees can just sit and relax or have a little chat with their colleagues can be really helpful to increase creativity.CONCLUSION:These are some simple hacks of boosting creativity in your office spaces. Having a creative workspace environment will certainly improve the functioning and performance of the employees.


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