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Are you finally thinking of letting your startup idea see the light of the day? Well, then among other things, the place you choose to put down roots matters more than you think. Currently, two cities are the front-runners for their welcoming attitude to startups- Bangalore and Gurugram. So, is it the Silicon Valley of India that you choose, or the up-and-coming suburb in Delhi? The correct answer is Gurugram, which is emerging as the new startup hub and here’s why-

1.Superior Connectivity with Different Places

Gurugram has a world class metro system connecting it to various parts of Delhi. It is approximately 17km away from the Indira Gandhi International airport, which allows greater connectivity to the entire world. All of the NCR region is easily accessible from Gurugram, a perk unavailable in Bangalore.

         2.Highest Internet Penetration

The Census of 2011 showed that Gurugram has an internet penetration of 20.9%, a whopping 10% above the national average. Gurugram beat startup hubs like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore in terms of internet penetration. This ensures better internet facilities, which is an important pre-requisite to make your start-up a success. It facilitates connection with your consumers and helps you improve much faster.

        3.Vicinity of Important Educational Institutes

The surrounding areas have a number of quality institutes like IIT-Delhi. This makes hiring a much easier process for you, given that the lifestyle options and flexible work atmosphere make Gurugram a preferred place for the youngsters of today. Getting interns to work for you at a low cost proves to be effortless; you gain a fresh perspective on your work and provide exposure to the young minds.

        4. Easy to Find a Co-founder or Investor

Most of the seed angel money currently is concentrated in Delhi and Mumbai. Having a start-up in Gurgaon has an additional advantage, as it gives you frequent access to early stage funds that are vital to your venture’s success. It has been found that 220 technology startups were launched in 2014, with 49 winning funding, which is significantly more than that in Bangalore, where 159 companies were formed and 18 won funding


Gurugram is among the best destinations for product testing and boasts of a diversity that is really fruitful in terms of the talent it brings to the table. It proves beyond doubt, that it is the best place to be in for a new venture. Happy entrepreneuring!


This article has been written by Halak Pandya for changemakers.space

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